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FT 032: Building Amazing Client Relationships with Liston Witherill

Building and maintaining amazing client relationships is one of the golden keys to highly profitable consulting and today's episode is all about how to accomplish this.

Liston Witherill was the chief marketing officer for a $10M environmental consulting company and for the past year has run his own agency. He is one of the consultants that "get" the importance of relationships and in this interview he shares keys to building amazing client relationships.

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Liston shares with us:

  • How to Treat People in a Way That Wins You Business: People buy two things from you: the deliverable and how they do business with you. 
  • Why Relationships Matter: Once someone has an amazing relationship with you, there is less risk to working with you! And conversely, if either party dreads talking to the other, that project will not go well.
  • How to Get a Client Relationship off to a Good Start: Learn how to really get to know the client from the start, and how to make sure that they feel like they matter.
  • How to Maintain that Great Relationship: learn the little actions you can take that make a massive difference in your client relationship. We discuss tactics like setting expectations properly, how to check-in after a deliverable, get honest feedback from your client, and what to do if a relationship is poor.
  • What to Do When You Go on Vacation: how to handle going on vacation, and yet another symptom that you are probably undercharging.
  • Building Excellent People Skills: not everyone is magically born knowing how to deal well with people. We cover some critical and easy-to-implement pointers for improving your day-to-day interactions with people.

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