Have a message to share with a dedicated audience of freelancers and agency owners?

Freelance Transformation is an hour long podcast devoted to educating freelancers and agency owners on how to build an amazing services business around an amazing lifestyle.

The primary Freelance Transformation listener:

  • Identifies as a freelancer or agency owner.
  • Tends to be in a creative services field such as graphic design, web development, app development, online marketing, etc.
  • Works for themselves.
  • Wants to build a better freelancing business or agency.

There are two types of guests that fit with Freelance Transformation:

#1. Freelancers or Agency Owners Who Have Solved a Problem Exceptionally Well and Wish to Speak to It

You may have a great system for attracting clients, a really effective project management approach, have built an impressive client base very quickly, have insight on selling to a particular type of client, or built your business in a very lifestyle-intentioned way.

You are prepared to speak to this, in detail, for roughly 60 minutes in a way that shares massive value.

You absolutely do not have to be a well-known name, but you do have to be able to show the results of whatever you are teaching. For example if you are going to tell us how to generate high quality leads, you need to be able to show that you have consistently received results from your own approach.

Examples of guests in this category and why there were a great fit:

Building a Recurring Revenue Consulting Business with Einar Volset
This is the most popular Freelance Transformation episode of all time because Einar shared a tremendously unique approach to how he gets clients. He was specific in discussing his business and results, how exactly he implemented his approach (rather than speaking in generalities), and it was something listeners could takeaway and apply.

How to Increase Your Consulting Rates with Patrick McKenzie
Patrick was able to speak directly to a very unique result he consistently achieved in his consulting work: earning a very high rate and continously increasing it (to the tune of $30,000/week). Notice that we don't just talk about Patrick's story, we get into the exact principles that allowed him to do this, and how listeners can do it too. Patrick is not "guarding the secret sauce".

$270K in Consulting in Two Years with Ross SimmondsRoss achieved a very strong and specific result in his first two years of consulting by executing on a very specific strategy to obtain clients for his new consultancy. He appeared on Freelance Transformation to share exactly what he did, in a way that listeners could take and replicate.

#2. Experts on a Subject that Strongly Matters to Freelancers

Freelance Transformation also features guests who may not themselves be a freelancer or agency owner, but have strong expertise in a subject that matters greatly to freelancers and you have experience applying that expertise to this group.

Examples of episodes that fit this category and why they are a great fit:

The Keys to Financial Health with Mark Butler
This episode discusses how our audience specifically can manage their finances, warning signs to look for, etc. Mark is a qualified guest because he has worked extensively with freelancers and can speak to their specific needs and problems.

Creating a Winning Proposal with Ruben Gamez
Ruben is not a consultant of any kind, but his proposal generator software targets freelancers and agency owners specifically and which has been used by his clients to close over $300 million in business. This makes Ruben a credible authority who can speak specifically to the needs of the Freelance Transformation audience.

How to Close the Sale with Steli
Steli was a great fit in this category because he has tremendous experience in selling complex services to larger companies and in helping others to do the same. He is also a recognized authority on the subject.

Why Not to Appear on the Show

  • We zero in on freelancers and agency owners exclusively and the content has to be aimed at them. If this isn't an audience that you have worked with or have personal experience in this field, this will not be a good fit.
  • You must be willing to share openly so that listeners can learn. Specific numbers acheived, how exactly you achieved them, etc. If you are worried about "protecting the secret sauce", it's best to not appear on this show.

Are you a Great Fit?

Fabulous, I would love to hear from you and want to create the best possible opportunity for us to work together. A huge help would be to receive the following information from you:

  1. What specifically do you or your guest wish to teach the Freelance Transformation audience?
    Hint: the more specifically you gear your pitch to this audience, the easier it is to bring you on the show.
  2. Why is this valuable to an audience of freelancers and agency owners?
  3. Why are you a great person to speak to on this topic?
  4. Please provide a short bio and if applicable a link to 1 or 2 interviews that you are particularly relevant to your pitch.
  5. What is your favourite animal.

I look forward to hearing from you and can be reached at matt@freelancetransformation.com