image for post - FT 009: Building a Recurring Revenue Consulting Business with Einar Vollset

FT 009: Building a Recurring Revenue Consulting Business with Einar Vollset

Einar Vollset shares the story of how he built App Aftercare, an entirely recurring revenue-based consulting consulting business.

He shares with us how to define your perfect client, his massively effective strategy for finding his company's ideal clients, how he is able to completely avoid waiting on companies to send him cheques by billing requiring a credit card, and so much more.

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In this episode Einar shares:

  • What he learned from his previous consulting gigs and why his App Aftercare business is different.
  • Why the recurring revenue model is so critical to beating the feast or famine cycle. 
  • How to define your ideal customer.
  • Einar's simple and very effective approach to prospecting and cold outreach to potential ideal customers.

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