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FT 003: Productivity and Working From Home with Barry Carter

In this episode of the Freelance Transformation Podcast, poker freelance writer and marketer Barry Carter shares his work from home lifestyle and how he finds balance between staying productive and not becoming a workaholic. He also shares a very unique productivity and health secret.

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You will learn:

  • How Barry parlayed a stroke of good luck and his poker hobby into freeing himself from his corporate job and becoming a freelance writer.
  • The realities of working from home and the importance of setting a regular schedule.
  • How to avoid becoming a workaholic that "lives at work".
  • Developing healthy e-mail habits.
  • How to take advantage of subtle social nuances to make effective changes to the protocol for contacting you and reducing distraction.
  • Dog ownership: the surprisingly amazing productivity tool and health secret.
  • Diagnosing your sleep and cutting out the obvious sleep impediment... caffiene.
  • The productivity benefits of taking breaks and getting enough sleep, and the diminishing returns on working long hours.
  • Using the 80/20 rule to isolate what creates impact.
  • And more.


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