Welcome Smashing the Plateau Listeners!

I really enjoyed being on David's show! And as promised, I have some extra hand-selected resources to point you to.

#1: Get My Guide: How to Win High Value Clients That You Enjoy Working With

Taking on the right clients is a critical for stress-free travel. You want a small group of clients who value your work, you get along really well with, and who don't turn your life upside down.

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#2: Freelance Transformation Resources Relevant to the Episode

Why Consulting Isn't a Broken Business Model (article)
Essay that goes deeper into some of my thoughts on scaling, and the different ways you can grow your income and create lifestyle freedom through consulting.

How to Travel Stress-Free While Freelancing (article)If you want to know more about how I travel and run my web agency (such as the Croatia trip I mentioned), and the principles that others can use to do the same.

Charging $30,000/week as a Consultant with Patrick McKenzie (podcast)
I mentioned this episode on David's podcast, and it's a GREAT example of scaling by continuously raising your rates rather than building a "bigger" company.

Great fun being on the show,