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FT 034: Build a Consulting Business and Embrace Fear with Louis Byrd

Louis Byrd is the founder of Mellie Blue Branding, and a great example of embracing fear to create his own opportunities.

In this episode we learn how Louis went from an engineering degree to becoming a freelancer doing design work, and ultimately building an agency that has worked with Hallmark and Google. And ultimately the motivations for doing all this in the first place.

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Louis shares with us:

  • The Cross Cultural Approach His Agency Takes: Louis explains the unique niche he has carved out for Mellie Blue (great positioning).
  • The Path that Lead Him to Freelancing: Louis started off majoring in engineering, but wound up as a freelance designer so he could create his own opportunities and enjoy freedom. I also ask Louis how reality matched up with his initial expectations.
  • His Big Initial Mistake - Charging Too Little: the rough start that Louis had by trying to build a client base by charging low rates initially, and how he realized he was undercharging majorly.
  • How He Found the Confidence to Raise His Prices: we discuss the details of raising prices, how to actually approach this, and why confidence is such a big part of it.
  • The Transition From One Person Freelancer to Agency: how Louis embraced fear yet again to make the jump to running an agency, and what he encountered along the way.
  • The Difference Between Acting as a Doctor and a Waiter: Louis explains the importance of being the doctor that prescribes the solution, rather than letting yourself fall into the role of waiter that does as beckoned. This is very important for building amazing client relationships.
  • What Life is Like Today:  How Louis' goals and motivations have changed through his journey and where Mellie Blue is at now.

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