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FT 013: Building an Amazing Agency from a Lifestyle Passion with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

It's fair to say that Kristin is passionate about the outdoors. As a cyclist, climber, and mountaineer she is living her dream lifestyle in Durango, Colorado, a small mountain town.

Rather than waiting until retirement, she created this lifestyle by founding Verde Brand Communications, an amazing agency that works with some of the leading outdoor adventure brands.

In this episode Kristin takes us through her amazing journey, what has allowed her to build and manage an agency with 4 offices, what the roles of a CEO in an agency should be, and introduces the second business she has recently founded - Living Uber.

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Kristin shares with us:

  • Her "quarter life crisis" and why she moved to a small mountain town in Colorado instead of pursuing a traditional career.
  • How she leverage a journalism career to found Verde Brand Communications (while pregnant!).
  • The very strong criteria that has for finding the right clients to work with.
  • The importance of the team that she has built (hint: can you figure out why her staff want to work for her?)
  • How she transitioned from the very tough beginning to building an agency that can actually grow and scale.
  • Insight into a "typical" day in her life and how she gets it all done.
  • The responsibilities that she focuses on as CEO (this is so enlightening).

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