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FT 030: Building Client Trust with Khuram Malik

Trust is the bedrock of all client relationships. Trust is how you get your recommendations listened to. It's how a small initial engagement turns into larger ones. And it's how you know the status of your relationship, rather than finding out the hard way that someone is no longer your client.

In this episode Khuram Malik shares how he has built very trustworthy client relationships over time. Learn the important things he did, critical mistakes to avoid, and what strong trust-based client relationships have meant for his consulting business.

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Khuram shares with us:

  • Why Great Client Relationships Matter: why they are key to referrals, the negative domino effect of not maintaining them, and the tremendous costs of having to seek out new clients instead.
  • What a Good Relationship Looks Like: You want to become a trusted advisor to your client and create "professional intimacy". But there are ways to overstep this as well.
  • How These Trust Based Relationships Get Built in Practice: We go deep into what that looks like in practice, and specific strategies to maintain all of your past client relationships effectively. Really helpful advice, especially if this doesn't come naturally to you!
  • How to Use all This to Generate Business! How all of this relationship building effort turns into business for you.

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