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FT050: How to Write Emails that Get Attention and Close Deals with Danny Rubin

Emails have become central to daily communication with potential and current clients, business connections and colleagues. Sometimes it's not that easy to write an email. I'm sure, like I have, you have received many bad, ineffective emails that amount to spam. Today's guest explains strategies to write genuine emails that catch the recipient's attention and build relationships.

Danny Rubin is the author of “Wait, How do I Write This Email?” and an expert in career advice, professional development and communication skills. He coaches freelancers on how to write effective messages with focused words. As Danny says, it all comes down to being genuine and respectful.

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Danny shares with us:

  • What a bad email looks like: “Hi my name is so-and-so, I am a graphic designer. Are you hiring? Do you ever use freelancers? Thank you, bye” No! Bad! This gives the recipient no indication of who you are, no authenticity, no example of your work, and no respect. It sounds like it could have been sent to a hundred other people. Immediately put in the trash.
  • Elements of a good email: Matt and Danny break down the email that Danny sent to Freelance Transformation to become a guest on the podcast:
    • Intro: Validate that you are worth the recipient's time. Succinctly describe what you do and how it directly relates to the recipient. Give a specific example of something the recipient did or said that captured your attention and your specific response to it. Not the time for vagueness.
    • Middle: Clearly explain what you can offer, how you can help the recipient achieve a real goal. Then, prove that your are good at what you do. Give links to your previous work and your portfolios.
    • Sign off: Genuinely thank the recipient and indicate that you are interested in building a relationship, not just a one-off project.
  • How to be more compelling in your emails: Be real, be you! Tell real stories about what you have done rather than talking like a job description. As an exercise, think of a moment in your life that was difficult and how you got through it. That story will have the evidence to demonstrate your character without you having to say, dully, that you are hard-working, and diligent. A story is personal and powerful, and everyone can relate.
  • How to effectively network: Writing is personal and builds trust. Emails let you stay in touch after networking events. Danny provides a template on exactly how to write those types of emails by giving them an update on your life, asking what they are up to, and most importantly, always asking if you can help them with anything.

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