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FT 037: Get Consulting Clients Through Podcast Appearances with Kai Davis

Is it possible to win consulting clients through podcast appearances? Kai Davis built his outreach consulting to six figures in revenue primarily through the 2-4 guest podcast appearances he does per month.

In this episode Kai reveals how to successfully get on other people's podcasts, and when you do, how to turn that appearance into growing your audience and ultimately into clients.

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Kai shares with us:

  • Kai's Experience and Why Appear on Podcasts? Appearing on other people's podcast allows you to reach your ideal audience all over the world, and build a client base regardless of where you live.
  • How to Identify Podcasts to Appear On: Kai covers 4 strategies that you can use to find the podcasts that your ideal audience is already listening to.
  • The Elements of a Successful Podcast Pitch: How to explain yourself clearly to the prospective host, in a way that shows that you will deliver great value to the audience. Pitching doesn't have to be difficult, but you will get a lot further if you understand what makes a great pitch (and some mistakes to avoid).
  • How the Numbers Work Out: Your mileage will vary, but Kai can expect 2-4 appearances for every 10 pitches he sends out. The hardest work is at the beginning, the more appearances you have, the bigger your authority, the easier it is to get on bigger podcasts.
  • Mechanics of Being on a Podcast: It will take practice to get comfortable appearing on podcasts and answering questions. It gets better quickly. If you are serious about investing the time to appear on podcasts, then invest in the bare minimim equipment: headphones and a good microphone (see additional resources below).
  • How to Maximize the Value of Your Appearance: The results that you receive from a podcast appearance will vary heavily based on how you tackle your call-to-action, offer, and landing page. All three of these need to be sync, and match your interview content, to create great results.
  • How to Turn Email Signups into Consulting Leads: it's great to get email list signups from podcast appearances, but how the heck do you go from there to consulting clients? Kai breaks down how to nurture your emails subscribers and turn them into clients.

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Additional Resources:

  • Audiotechnica ATR 2100: the microphone Matt uses for Freelance Transformation episodes. This is easily the best option to sound professional without breaking your budget. Well worth it if podcast appearances are in your future.

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