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FT 004: Becoming a High Performing Consultant with Naveen Dittakavi

Naveen Dittakavi is a Ruby on Rails consultant who has successfully transformed his business into a high value positioning and focus on recurring revenue, earning effective hourly rates of $200-$400/hr in the process.

In this episode Naveen shares how to become a high performing consultant.

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In this episode Naveen shares:

  • How he transformed his business from feast and famine into recurring revenue without booking any new clients.
  • The secret of becoming a Trusted Advisor to your client, rather than just yet another provider.
  • How to identify a quality prospect who are willing and have the budget to do real engagements with you.
  • How Naveen prices his services to achieve his effective hourly rate and deliver a high value to the client.
  • How to actually be a premium provider, and achieve this positioning. Hint: many consultants are sabotaging themselves.
  • How to package your services to fit your positioning.

Episode Resources:

  • Patrick McKenzie & Ramit Sethi: podcast episode on why your customers would be happier if you charged more.
  • AwayFindget notified by SMS when important emails have arrived. Make sure you listen to the episode to understand the nuances of how to use this service effectively.
  • Learn how Naveen builds recurring revenue.

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