image for post - FT 012: How to Create Unique Positioning that Makes You the Obvious Choice with Kai Davis

FT 012: How to Create Unique Positioning that Makes You the Obvious Choice with Kai Davis

It's hard to cross the street without running into yet another "SEO consultant".

Today's guest Kai Davis from Double Your Audience wore this same label when he started his SEO business. But an insight from a mentor lead Kai to evolve and rebrand himself using a term that better describes his work, but which virtually no one uses: an "outreach consultant".

Now Kai has crispy unique positioning in a category that he practically owns. Now you might think this is a disadvantage, since no one searches Google for an "outreach consultant", but as you will find Kai has actually used this unique positioning to develop a ridiculous advantage over his competition.

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In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Create the cocktail-party advantage through repositioning yourself.
  • Get the right people to listen and read your content.
  • Find and study your audience to deeply understand their needs.
  • Narrow your target audience and become the expert in your niche.
  • Obtain powerful economies of scale in your niche.
  • Run a successful one-person consultancy rather than growing an overhead-heavy firm and why that might be a great option.
  • Keep track of all your clients and their specific needs.
  • Learn to say no to prospective clients who want to start right away, or how to wait until you have time.
  • Value yourself as an asset, stop feeling guilty about your rates, take time for yourself, and why regularly seeing a therapist may be one of your most valuable business investments.

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Recommend Tools:

  • GetDrip: Email marketing automation tool.
  • Google Forms: Free and simple form creation tool that outputs to a Google spreadsheet.
  • Inbox Pause: Get yourself out of your inbox.
  • Kanban Method: Storyboard-based scheduling method.
  • Trello: Organization system, can be used to implement Kanban and more.
  • Wufoo Forms:

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