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FT 036: How Consultants can Steal the Show with Michael Port

Michael Port is the best selling author of six books including Book Yourself Solid, one of the top 3 books that I recommend for consultants and freelancers, and his latest book, Steal the Show.

Michael shares insights on how to get out of your own way, how to make sure that you actually work with the right clients, how to get past that inner struggle of being afraid to charge what you're worth, and how to "Steal the Show", as a consultant.

So much of this episode comes back to mindset. Pay close attention!

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Michael shares with us:

  • His Own Story of Actor to Consultant and Author: how did someone on the acting career path become a consultant, author, and speaker?
  • How to Become Someone Who Doesn't Get Overwhelmed: A lot of business problems are actually personal problems in disguise. Our businesses are a reflection of our personalities, and sometimes we can get in our own way.
  • The Red Velvet Rope Strategy: Identifying Who to Work With and Who Not to Work With: It's easy to get too excited when starting a project and to not set the right expectations for clients. Some clients are just not the right fit, but sometimes a propsective good client doesn't become one simply because the work to set those expectations at the forefront wasn't done.
  • Getting Past the Inner Struggle and Anxiety of Charging More: Michael makes an excellent point that often times we act in a way designed to get people's approval, rather than in the way that will get results. We then get into why people buy, and how to position value.
  • Stealing the Show: Focus on the audience and do whatever it takes to be in the service of the people. When you have a big performance like a sales meeting, you have to get out of your own head and focus on the objective.

Find Michael Online:

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  • The Book Yourself Solid website. This is one of the top 3 books that I recommend to consultants.
  • The website for Michael's latest book, all about how to handle the biggest performances of your life. Includes instructions on how to redeem purchase bonuses.
  • Become a better public speaker.

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