image for post - FT 026: How to Manage Time and Remove Stress with Anders Thue Pedersen

FT 026: How to Manage Time and Remove Stress with Anders Thue Pedersen

How do you keep projects on track? Deal with constant time overruns? Understand what the rest of your team is doing? Or find focus and productivity yourself?

Anders Thue Pederson wrestled with these same problems in his consultancy, leading to severe stress and ultimately wondering if he should close things down. But Anders turned it out around, rebuilding his consultancy around a time management approach that he devised, Time Block. Anders shares his own journey and mistakes, how he turned things around.

Note: Unfortunately I was not prepared for the realities of trying to record a podcast live in Las Vegas. Despite finding a "quiet" area, there is some background noise, but it shouldn't keep you from learning some great lessons in this episode.

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Anders shares with us:

  • The perils of not aligning your values and goals with your partners and team. Learn how Anders' first consultancies failed due to this omission.
  • The very real impact of stress and burnout. Learn how burn out lead Anders to being only able to work 3 hours per day and even temporarily losing sight in one eye.
  • The challenge of knowing what your team is doing.  When you have a team doing the work, how do you keep track of where the project is at and what's being worked on, without getting in the way of your team?
  • The Time Block system. Anders devised this system to ensure his team enjoys uninterrupted flow, he and clients get the data that they need, and the project is broken into manageable chunks.
  • Better client communication.  Keeping your clients abreast of development, without getting micromanaged in return.

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