image for post - FT 019: Mastering the Mental Game of Tough Decisions with Jared Tendler

FT 019: Mastering the Mental Game of Tough Decisions with Jared Tendler

Jared Tendler is a mental game coach that has coached world champion poker players, professional golfers, and financial traders all around the world.

In this episode Jared shares that story, but then we go a step further...

As I've hinted a couple times, I myself am facing some tough decisions about how to grow and evolve my business based an exciting change in my personal life.

In this special Freelance Transformation episode Jared provides some live coaching on how to work through this tough decision and breaks through some interesting mental barriers.

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In this episode you will see how quickly Jared gets to the root issues behind the decision that I am trying to make. He made me realize why it was taking me so long to figure things out, and how to get the answers out of my head.

Are you facing a tough decision in your business or personal life that you need time to wrap your head around?

I challenge you to listen to the episode carefully and to apply Jared's advice and tools to your own situation.

I will be doing the same and updating readers on the Freelance Transformation newsletter.

Find Jared Online:

  • Jared's website including his blog and resources on upping your mental game.
  • Separate site dedicated entirely to the mental game of poker, and where you can find Jared's books and podcast.

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