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FT 100: Top 10 "Mic Drop" Freelancing Moments

In the past 99 episodes, numerous guests have shared their freelancing journeys, their setbacks, and the revelations that allowed them to build successful, sustainable freelancing businesses.

In honour of this arbitrary and yet very special number, episode 100, Matt has sorted through the catalogue of FT episodes and brought back ten of the most epic guest insights shared on the most popular episodes of Freelance Transformation. These are the mic drop moments, played back to you, along with a bit of explanation of why they are so important for all of our freelancing businesses.

This episode features advice from Einar Vollset, Patrick Mckenzie, Nagina Abdullah, Naveen Dittakavi, Joshua Lisec, Brennan Dunn, Michael Port, Laura Elizabeth, Jeffrey Shaw, and Kai Davis.

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FT009FT 009: Building a Recurring Revenue Consulting Business with Einar Vollset

In Einar's targeted clip, Einar explains how he identifies his ideal customer using buying signals letting him focus in on target prospects who will likely need his services.


FT020FT 020: Increase Your Consulting Rates with Patrick McKenzie (aka patio11)

In Patrick's mic drop, Patrick shares how he was able to charge higher rates based on the idea of building an elite club of one by differentiating himself so he isn't competing with everybody else.


FT015FT 015: How to Sell High-End Coaching Services with Nagina Abdullah

For Nagina's perceptive advice, Nagina shares, in detail, who her ideal client is and how she researched exactly what her clients wanted until she understood them inside and out, allowing her to deliver the perfect results.


FT004FT 004: Becoming a High Performing Consultant with Naveen Dittakavi

In this valued clip, Naveen takes us through the steps on how to position yourself as a premium service provider and get higher quality clients.


FT081FT 081: Stop Dumpster Diving for Clients with Joshua Lisec

For Joshua's freelancing advice, Joshua describes the problem of clients not realizing that they need his services, leading him to take clients that were less than ideal. The trick was changing the way clients looked at him by cultivating desire for his service.


FT075FT 075: Building a Six Figure Freelancing Business with Brennan Dunn

In this golden snippet, Brennan summed up the importance of sales funnels, and how he turned thousands of people into prospective referral sources, even though they weren't his clients.


FT036FT 036: How Consultants can Steal the Show with Michael Port

In Michael's insightful clip, Michael explains the importance of delivering beyond client expectations, not just what you said you would do, by managing relationships and setting expectations.


FT076FT 076: Find and Work with Clients Remotely with Laura Elizabeth

In this moment of practicality, Laura shares the processes and tricks that make it easy to work with clients remotely, such as her famous client portal.


FT039FT 039: Finding Clients Who Value Your Work with Jeffrey Shaw

In this short tale of buying a candle, Jeffrey explains the importance of client experience in addition to providing a high quality produce.


FT012FT 012: How to Create Unique Positioning that Makes You the Obvious Choice with Kai Davis

Signing off, Kai shares an often overlooked aspect of consulting, how to tackle the doubts of running a freelancing business.


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