image for post - FT 038: How to Get Consulting Clients Through Twitter with Mojca Marš

FT 038: How to Get Consulting Clients Through Twitter with Mojca Marš

Is it possible to win consulting business through Twitter? Absolutely and Mojca Marš, social media consultant, does exactly that.

In this episode we go back to the roots of what social media is actually about, and how to use it to build authentic relationships that consistently turn into consulting clients.

You will quickly see why Mojca's approach is very different, and why it works.

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Mojca shares with us:

  • Why Simply Blasting Out Your Content on Twitter Doesn't Work: It's OK to share your content out sometimes, but no one wants to follow or engage with someone that treats their social profile as just another place to share out their content. That is not what social media is about.
  • The Epic Dino Onesie and Why It's Important to be Yourself: Mojca's followers really started engaging with her after she started sharing more of her actual personality and pieces from her life. Mojca's unusual onesie choice turned into powerful branding and ultimately lead to clients who wanted to work with her and no one else would do.
  • Building the (Right) Follower Base: Mojca started out by following the people she already admired or saw as role models, and gradually interacting with them. This ultimately resulted in many of them following her back.

    The second phase was to build her own authority by using Twitter Search to find people who were looking for answers to exactly the questions she knew how to solve. She didn't just provide a link to some article she wrote either, she helped them directly on Twitter. These people ended up following her, subscribing to her email list, and even becoming clients.
  • How to Not Get Overwhelmed Managing Social Media: Twitter and other social media shouldn't run your life. You are free to respond to people whenever, but booking 30 minutes a day to tweet and engage with people will allow you to make consistent progress without becoming a slave to Twitter.
  • How Mojca Used Twitter to Get Brennan Dunn's Attention: What started as a few tweets back and forth and posting her results, ultimately turned into a Skype call and a few months later she was speaking at Brennan’s conference.
  • The Problem with Automation: Social media is about connecting with people and building authentic relationships, but when you automate you are taking yourself out of the equation. So how can you expect great results?
  • What Exactly Should You Be Tweeting Out? Mojca lays out the combination of tweet types that work well for her and why.
  • What is a Realistic Timeline to Get Results? You do have to give the strategy time and execute consistently. Two to three months would be a very good result.
  • What Social Tools Mojca Uses: Mojca automates very little of her tweets (< 10%). She does use Buffer in connection with Social Bro so that she can time her tweets with when her followers are online.

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