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FT 024: Become a Coach to Your Clients with Marc Mawhinney

Part of being a true consultant to your clients, and not just a hired technician, is to really become a trusted advisor and even coach to help them succeed.

This makes Marc Mawhinney a fitting and interesting Freelance Transformation Podcast guest. Marc is the host of the Natural Born Coaches podcast (262 episodes strong), and a coach to other coaches.

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Marc shares with us:

  • His own journey of transitioning from real estate to becoming a coach, and his big breakthrough of moving from "business coach" to niching further down.
  • What is the role of a coach and why someone would hire a coach.
  • How to advise your clients and how to approach this so that clients can discover the actual problem.
  • What prevents people from listening to your advice/acting on it.
  • The marketing approaches that Marc uses to obtain his own clients.
  • How Marc structures his coaching investments (hint to long-time listeners: productized consulting is happening here).

Recommend Books:

  • The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Every person has a thermostat inside them connected the level of success they are comfortable. If we go outside this level of success, we'll often sabotage ourselves.

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