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FT 039: Finding Clients Who Value Your Work with Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw is one of many photographers out there. Yet unlike most, he focused his services to a very specific market that shared the values of the work that he creates. The result? Over 30 years of being a photographer to affluent people who are happy to pay a premium price for a certain type of service.

Jeffrey shares the fascinating story of how he discovered this market, and the lengths he went to in order to understand how to actually present his services. There is a tremendous amount to be learned here for any freelancer struggling to find their niche.

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Jeffrey shares with us:

  • The Day He Discovered His Ideal Client: how accidentally taking the wrong turn off the highway lead Jeffrey, a photographer struggling to charge for his services, to discover a neighbourhood of people who clearly had the same values as him. His "peeps".
  • How He Reached His Audience Through Silent Auctions: Rather than simply wishing he knew how to reach these people, Jeffrey did his homework and discovered the world of silent auctions. 
  • Getting into the Shoes of Your Clients: why it's so important to put yourself in the client's shoes and to understand the world from their view, not yours.
  • How He Learned to Package and Deliver his Service: Jeffrey went to great lengths to educate himself on how to deliver the proper experience surrounding the service he provides. All with a trip to a very exclusive store to buy a candle.
  • Why People Would Pay a Premium for a Service: most people are not actually price conscious, they are value conscious. We dive into Target vs Walmart, why amazing apps have trouble selling for 99 cents while a cup of Starbucks costs $3.50, and how to create an emotional experience.
  • Creating a Standout Statement: why one of Jeffrey's coaching clients transformed her business after he helped her develop the standout statement: "be unapologetically beautiful".


  • Starbucks and Zappos: Jeffrey names these two companies as great examples to study innovative companies.

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