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FT052: How Podcasting Wins Clients with Jason Bay

Podcasting can attract and sell to your ideal client and establish you as the expert before you even meet. Jason Bay built a coaching and consulting business, GenY Success, based on the strategy using podcasting to win clients.

In this episode, Jason shares why his podcast is an effective lead generation tool and the critical strategy behind starting a podcast that will reach your perspective clients and turn them into leads. The secret, a common theme for Freelance Transformation, is first identifying and reaching out to your ideal client.

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Jason shares with us:

  • Why podcasting is an awesome form of content: So, yes, Freelance Transformation is biased, but really, podcasting is a much easier form of content to consume. The main benefit is that you don't have to use your eyes, so you can listen while your drive, workout, or, Matt's favorite, woodwork. It's also a great networking tool and builds your credibility.
  • How to start podcasting: You don't start with buying the soundproofing foam and expensive mic. You start by contacting and interviewing people who have already gathered your ideal audience. Actually, back up, you need to figure out who your ideal client is (check out FT article: Define your Ideal Client), then do the interviews. Discover the goals, fears, and obstacles that your ideal client faces, which will become your topic points. Have 25 fans before you even launch!
  • How to build your podcast audience: Interview people on your show who already have your ideal audience so they will share your podcast with their audience. Use your podcast as a portfolio piece, linking to specific episodes when you meet potential clients with problems that you have addressed on the podcast.
  • How to bring listeners to your website: Ultimately, the goal of the podcast is to bring the listeners to the website, where they sign up for your email list and converts them into clients.
    • Always encourage your listeners to leave honest reviews, which promotes your podcast into “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes and reaches more people.
    • Make it really easy to leave reviews and sharing your episodes with pre-made tweets and links for your listeners and interviewees.
    • Always have a show notes page (like this one) for each episode and tell people about it during the episode.

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