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FT 025: Generate Leads by Publishing a Book with Rob Kosberg

Many of us feel like there is a book inside us that is yearning to get out, but few actually end up writing one, muchless a best seller. But writing a book can be one of the most powerful ways to rapidly establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, and it is a reachable goal.

Today's guest, Rob Kosberg, built an entire service business around helping people write, publish, and promote a best selling book within their space. Rob has become very good at it, and today he shares with us how he built such a business, how a book can be an amazing lead generation tool, and what's involved in successfully promoting your book.

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Rob shares with us:

  • His own journey from running a multi-millon dollar real estate business to how he began helping people write, publish and promote their books.
  • How writing a book allowed him to reinvent himself, turning into a regular radio gig, a financial services business that he later sold, and ultimately into the business he runs today.
  • How he experimented with and developed a repeatable process for writing and promoting a book that he was able to apply to all of his clients. This process approach allowed him to scale this business far beyond himself (and who says a service can't scale?)
  • How he built scalable lead generation. Rob also turned acquiring new clients into a repeatable process, finding and investing in the promotional sources that worked best for him.
  • Why writing a book is such a big catalyst for becoming a thought leader. Think about the thought leaders that you know, many of them got their start by writing a book!
  • How a book turns you from hunting clients to being hunted by them. This can be an absolute game changer for building a consulting business.
  • How to make things happen after writing a book.  How to use your book to generate leads for your business, creating speaking opportunities, or leverage it into publicity in radio, TV, and print.
  • The process for writing a best seller.  It isn't easy, but you will see why it is achievable, particularly in a deep niche.

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