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FT 008: How Specializing Increased Profits with Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster is the co-founder of Ethercycle, an ecommerce consultancy which helps Shopify stores grow their revenue.

In this Freelance Transformation Podcast episode you will learn how Kurt repositioned his business from general contract work for agencies to specializing in one thing – and the beautiful impact that has had on his business.

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In this episode Kurt and I discuss:

  • Kurt’s “Foolproof Positioning Statement” and why that careful specialization makes it easier to attract clients and serve them.
  • How Kurt attracts the right clients via his content marketing efforts and drip campaigns.
  • Techniques that Kurt uses to qualify clients and handle one-on-one sales vastly more efficiently.
  • A simple approach to receiving 100% of your fees upfront.
  • The criteria to use for finding a “right-size” niche.
  • If you are just getting started: how to start attracting clients.
  • The tools and processes that Kurt uses to manage projects.
  • Fantastic resources outlined for you below.

Books and Resources:

Connect with Kurt Online:

  • Ask Kurt anything on his “Ask Me Anything” page, find his coaching services, and more.
  • The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: The essential unauthorized Shopify podcast to grow your traffic, conversions, and make more money with your Shopify store.
  • Drip Profits: "Put Your Lead Gen on Autopilot with Drip Email"

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